30 Days of Snaps!!! Day #6: How to make Interchangeable Shabby Flowers

Supplies for Shabby Flower Embellishment:

  • 2″ Shabby Flowers
  • 1/2″ x 1″ square of Coordinating Felt
  • 1 1/2″ Circles of Coordinating Felt
  • Glue of your choice: Fabric Tac or Hot Glue
  • Coordinating Size 20 KAM Snaps (Sold in 10 sets by us here)

Add the Shabby Flower pic1

Add the Shabby Flower pic2

Add the Shabby Flower pic3

Add the Shabby Flower pic4

Add the Shabby Flower pic5

Add the Shabby Flower pic6


1.  Glue the 1 1/2″ circle of Felt to each of the Shabby Flowers.

Add the Shabby Flower pic7

Add the Shabby Flower pic8

Add the Shabby Flower pic9

2.  Once it has had some time to dry, install a Size 20 KAM Snap Cap and stud in the center of each Shabby Flower.  The stud should be facing down on the underside of the Shabby Flower in the Felt.  Repeat for each flower. (In the pictures, I used Size 16 but found that it did not hold well and had to replace them with Size 20.)

Add the Shabby Flower pic10

3.  Glue the 1/2″x1″ square of Felt to the underside of the Elastic where you want to locate the Shabby Flower.

Add the Shabby Flower pic11

4.  Once it has had some time to dry, install a KAM Snap Cap and socket through it.  The socket facing up on decorative side of the Elastic.

Add the Shabby Flower pic13

Add the Shabby Flower pic12

5.  Snap the flower in place and go!  Tada!

If you missed our Tutorial for the Adjustable Headband, check it out here.




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