30 Days of Snaps!!! Day #9: How To Recycle a Milk Jug into a Storage Container with KAM Snaps

Day #9

Recycling a Milk Jug into a Storage Container with KAM Snaps

Today I am recycling one of the most common items in our house.  With so many kids, we are constantly going through milk and I have collected quite the stack of Milk Jugs.  What to do with them all!!!


1 Milk Jug



1 Set of KAM Snaps

1 KAM Snaps Plier and Awl

milk jug 1


1.  Take a clean, rinsed, dried Milk Jug and remove all the labels and date stamps.

milk jug 2

2.  Trace the outline of the shape you want to cut.  You will have one tall, full length flap and 3 half size flaps.  Stay about an 1 to 1 1/2 above the bottom of the container.

milk jug 3

3.  Cut the Milk Jug on the lines.  The Milk Jug will fold inward about were the dashes are, the dashes are just a visual, no extra cutting is needed.

milk jug 4

4.  Fold the front flap in, then the 2 side flaps and finally the tall flap over and down.  Use your Awl to decide on the position of the snap and poke it through both the flap and the body of the jug.

milk jug 5

5.  Attach the inside KAM Snap to the body of the Milk Jug, Stud facing out.  This may require a KAM tabletop Press, if you only have pliers, you may need to adjust the length of the front flap.

milk jug 6

6.  Now attach the KAM Snap to the tall flap, Socket inward, Cap on top.

milk jug 7

7.  Snap and Go!!!  You can use this container to store sandwiches, snacks, toys or as I plan, crayons for each kid.  I making a different one for each kid with their “color” of KAM Snaps.

milk jug 8

milk jug 9








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