KAM Snaps Giveaway: Nap-Time Creations with Reusable Snack Bag Tutorial

Who is ready for a Giveaway!!! Check out Nap-Time Creations great Reusable Snack Pack tutorial and enter to win our KAM Snaps Starter Pack in Rainbow Spectrum with Pliers!!!

“Reusable Snack Packs tutorial {and KAM SnapGIVEAWAY}

I’ve been eyeing KAM SNAPS for months. So I am thrilled to be offering one lucky reader the chance to win a starter pack today! {I was given the starter pack by I Like Big Buttons for free in exchange for this post}. I’ve only had my KAM snaps for about a week, but have already used them for so many things. Even if you don’t sew,  I’m pretty sure you could find ways to use these handy snaps! Today I not only have a great giveaway, but a tutorial for making your own reusable snack packs. Perfect for summer picnics and school!…”

To Enter to Win and Read the rest of the Tutorial, go here.


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