30 Days of Snaps!!! Day #13: How to Repair a Tape Measure with KAM Snaps

Here’s one for all the Dads out there, how to fix a tool with KAM Snaps.  We were out fixing fences on our property line when our 300+ foot tape measure snapped.  Ugh!  What a pain.  After scratching his head, taking it apart and staring at it for some time my husband called it quits and gave up on it.  KAM Snaps to the rescue!  I did this in a few seconds, it took much longer to wind the tape back up.  My husband was impressed with my genius :).


tape measure pic 1


1.   On the end of the tape measure, poke a hole with your awl and place a single snap, Cap to the inside and Socket on the outside there.

2.  Install the snap and repeat on the tape measure in the place where the tape overlaps around the shaft.  I found that there was a divot in the “crank shaft:”, I apologize for my girly understanding of tools, and the snap once snapped together settled neatly into it and kept it from spinning freely.

tape measure pic 3

3.  Snap together and wind the tape up.  It’s that simple.

tape measure pic 2

4.  Tada!  Happy Snapping!!!



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