New! Pronged Studs for creating Double Sided Snaps

New Arrivals!!! Pronged Studs are used to make double sided snaps which are great for making convertible diapers and much more.

To celebrate their arrival, they are 10% off right now on our website!

As usual , they are available in as few as 10 or 25 pieces all the way up to 1000 pieces.

Pronged Studs pic3

Size 20 Pronged Studs (B3 White Only)

Pronged studs enable snap stacking. They take the place of a cap, and allow your item to be snapped from both sides. While typically used to make a double sided snap, they can be daisy chained.

Pronged Studs:

A stud or socket can be installed on the other side of the pronged stud. Just insert the pronged stud die in to the bottom of your press, and the socket or stud die in the top of your press.

Pronged Studs pic1

Pronged Studs pic2


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