More Enamel Clips, More Colors!?!

We now carry Enamel Pacifier Clips (metal) in 20+ colors!!! Lead Free and Nickel Free Enamel Clips for your craft and clip projects.

We now carry:

Silver Colored (non-enameled)
Apple Green (enamel)
Black (enamel)
Butternut – Light Yellow (enamel)
Chocolate (enamel)
Dark Lavender (enamel)
Deep Red (enamel)
Fuchsia (enamel)
Grape Soda (enamel)
Lemon Zest (enamel)
Medium Pink (enamel)
Milk Chocolate (enamel)
Periwinkle (enamel)
Ribbit – Medium Green (enamel)
Sassy (enamel)
Spring Green (enamel)
Sky Blue (enamel)
Teal (enamel)
Violet (enamel)
White (enamel)

The Enamel Pacifier Clips, of course, match up with our I Like Big Buttons! KAM Snaps to make coordinating projects easier. If you haven’t had a chance to check them out, please, see them on our website.

We also have Pacifier Clip Tutorials for your use.

All Enamel Clips Angle

All Enamel Clips ILBB Circle




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