New Spring Colors!!! Enamel Clips, More Colors

We now carry Enamel Pacifier Clips (metal) in 20+ colors!!! Lead Free and Nickel Free Enamel Clips for your craft and clip projects.

We now carry:

  • B45 – Silver Colored (non-enameled)
  • B5 – Black
  • G89 – Milk Chocolate
  • G72 – Chocolate
  • G114 – Grape Soda
  • B41 – Violet
  • G79 – Lavender
  • B48 – Periwinkle
  • B46 – Teal
  • B59 – Pool Blue
  • B14 – Spring Green
  • B50 – Lime Green
  • G65 – Grasshopper (Light Green)
  • G116 – Lemon Zest
  • G76 – Butter (Light Yellow)
  • B38 – Deep Red
  • G97 – Sassy
  • G122 – Fuchsia
  • B57 – Medium Pink
  • B3 – White (enamel)

The Enamel Pacifier Clips, of course, match up with our I Like Big Buttons! KAM Snaps to make coordinating projects easier. If you haven’t had a chance to check them out, please, see them on our website.

We also have Pacifier Clip Tutorials for your use.

ILBB website enamel clip side shot

etsy ebay enamel clip numbers

etsy ebay enamel clip colors

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