Perfect Bow and Baby Proof Sash Tutorial – Courtesy of Pattern Revolution and I Like Big Buttons! KAM Plastic Snaps

A while back, Robin of Pattern Revolution made this super cute Perfect Bow and Baby Proof Sash and shared how she did it with us.  I thought this would be a great time to revisit the tutorial as fall approaches.



Every morning it is a struggle to dress my feisty 2 year old. All her pretty sashes hang untouched in the closet, while the dresses they go with get worn over and over. I love the look of a pretty bow, but my baby wont hold still long enough to tie it nicely, and in the miraculous event that she does, she unties it and removes the sash a few minutes later. GRRRR!!! Tell me I’m not the only one with this problem???


Decisions, decisions….

First, you need to determine your sash length and width. Measure your child’s waist while wearing the garment, add 2″ for sash length.  Decide how wide you want the sash, double that and add 1/2″. Cut your sash.

Then, you need to determine the bow width and tail length that you like…

Glimpses of the Perfect Bow and Sash Tutorial, to see it in full.



© and I Like Big Buttons Blog, 2016.




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