Fabric Key Fob Hardware Wristlet Tutorial by I Like Big Buttons!

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Key Fob Hardware are some of our most popular craft supplies. Key Fob Hardware is simple to use and produces amazing results.Β  Just add your fabric, ribbon, or webbing for an instant, elegant wristlet.

Fabric Key Fob Hardware Wristlet Tutorial by I Like Big Buttons!




1.Β  Cut a 10″ x 5″ section of Fabric of your choosing and 10″ x 2.5″ Fusible Fleece.


2.Β  Iron Fusible Fleece to the center of the fabric.Β  Fold and iron the Fabric in half with the wrong sides together.


3.Β  Unfold and iron the Fabric in half again long sides to the center.


4.Β  It will look like this when you get done.


5.Β  Use your Sewing Clips to pin the Wristlet flat.


6.Β  Stitch along the edge of your Fabric strip, I stitched 1/4″ in.Β  Remove the Sewing Clips as you go.Β  Work slowly, keeping close to the edge and as straight of a line as possible.


7.Β  Repeat 1/4″ stitching along the opposing edge.


8.Β  Fold the Fabric Wristlet Strip in half, right sides facing out and match up the ends.

9. Stitch the ends together with a zig zag stitch.Β  I went back and forth a few times to insure it held.

10.Β  Trim any loose threads.Β  Use Fray Check to seal the end of the exposed Fabric edge.


11.Β  Tuck the sewn seam ends into the Key Fob Hardware, making sure that the Fabric Wristlet is centered.


12.Β  Using Key Fob Hardware Pliers squeeze the Key Fob Hardware closed with gentle pressure.Β  Sometimes, I go back and forth from left to right added a little bit of pressure to each side until it eases together.Β  Our Key Fob Hardware Pliers make this easy to do.

13.Β  Note the adjustable screw set to the distance I want the pliers to go to.


14.Β  Add the Split Ring and Yay!!!


15.Β  I love them and now I have a few sets to share!!!

To see all our Key Fob Hardware Tutorials, visit our Projects section here.

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