I Like Big Buttons! FLASH SALE!!! 100 Kam Plastic Snap Sets (Size 20 & Size 16) $1.95 Each (Normally $3.95)

FLASH SALE!!! For the first time ever, we are deep discounting both our Size 20 and our Size 16 snaps at the same time. 100 Kam Plastic Snap Sets* (Size 20 – Most Popular OR Size 16 – Doll/Ribbon Projects) $1.95 Each (Normally $3.95):


  • Size 20 (0.5″ – 12.4 mm) snaps are our most popular size and can be used for most general projects like baby diapers and clothing. They are our most popular plastic snap size, have the largest color variety, and have a good strong hold.

Size 20 – Link Here!


  • Size 16 (0.4″ – 10.2 mm) snaps are most commonly used for baby and toddler clothing, doll clothing, pacifier clips, mama pads, and small crafts.

Size 16 – Link Here!

Exclusive to I Like Big Buttons! Friends and Fans!!! Good Through Sunday (7/23) on our website. *Supplies may be limited.

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